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Ballarat Debt Collection With Our Professional Team of Debt Collectors

Australian Debt Collection are a professional business debt collection agency based in Melbourne and the Ballarat area. Who are here to get your business debt recovered quickly and without hassles..

Chase your debtors today with our proven debt collection and recovery process and get back your business debts that you're owed and improve your businesses cash flow!

  • FREE phone consultation with our expert Ballarat Professional Debt Collectors to discuss your debt recovery situation and how best to recover debts or overdue accounts.
  • Unlike other debt collection agencies, we work with businesses of all sizes to recover your business debt! Whether you are a small, medium or large business, we can help recover bad business debts, one-off debts and any outstanding debt your business may have.
  • NO Collection, NO Commission Our debt collections team are able to assist in almost all debt recovery circumstance and if we can't, there are no debt recovery fees.
  • Pursue multiple corporate debtors to recover bad debts in one easy process with your personal account manager.
  • In-house legal experts take care of the whole process and help you recover and collect debts. We can also assist with legal proceedings for collecting debts.
  • Proven results recovering debts for any Australian (or international) business

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    Start The Debt Collection Process Today...

    Don't leave it any longer. Enter your details for a FREE debt recovery assessment now by a qualified debt collection agency.

    Frequently Asked Corporate Debt Collection Questions

    Why should I hire a Corporate Debt Collection Agency?

    Firstly, it's our job to get your money back and make the whole debt recovery process as simple as possible, unlike other debt recovery agencies, we are very experienced at doing things the right way to recover debtsSecondly, part of our debt collection process is to stop this happening to you again in future by helping you create the right processes. Finally, by engaging a professional Ballarat based corporate debt collector, you ensure action is taken NOW, meaning your debtors are less likely to get into MORE debt, and increasing your chances of recovery.

    How does it work?

    We offer a FREE phone consultation with our in-house legal expert to find out your debt recovery needs and if you're eligible for our corporate debt collection services to recover debt. If you are, then we begin by creating a plan to recover the monies owed to you. Your case will be handled by a corporate debt collection account manager backed by a professional team of experts who'll keep you up to date on what's happening. Our corporate debt recovery service has a long track record of success and is proven to be an effective and successful method of collecting outstanding business debts from businesses in Ballarat, Victoria across Australia and throughout the world.

    How do you collect my corporate debt?

    We use a tested and proven corporate debt collection process that gets your money back quickly and without headaches. Our approach is effective and based on a framework developed by our in-house legal experts that's often successful very early on in the process, resulting in most cases not going to a magistrates court. In the event that legal action is required to recover your businesses debt, and unlike many other debt collection agencies, we have an in-house legal team equipped to pursue your debtors to the highest level.

    How much does it cost?

    You only pay us a commission after your money has been recovered from your debtors, there are no joining fees. Our fee system works on a sliding scale based on how much you're owed, starting at around 20% for small amounts above $1000, through to 5% for larger amounts. For many businesses in Ballarat, this is a very cost effective way to recover your businesses debt and improve your cash flow. And yes - we can collect debt from multiple debtors in one simple process. Contact us today to get started.

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